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Join Discord to get the best of the Cool Earth experience: 

  • Share tips and moments with friends

  • Participate in competitions for prizes and glory  

  • Take a peak behind the scenes 

  • Last but not least get access to special offers 


Discord is a chat app used by millions of gamers (yes millions)

There you can chat directly with us and other players. In our server you will find fun channels for activities like sharing memes, screenshots, live-streams, Q&As and more!

You will find more gamer friends like you and have lots of fun :)

You will be literally shaping our games!

Sharing your feedback with us in Discord is the best way to help us make sure that WE are providing YOU the best possible service experience for you to enjoy and have fun with our videogames.

Like we mention is where you want to be when we release our alpha and beta versions!

I am a little shy, It seems scary

Don't worry, our moderators will take care of all of you. They will be on top of the server to make sure everybody is having an awesome AND healthy experience.

Our Moderators

Oscar Vallarino


Juan Carbone


We are so committed to give you a smooth experience that we are going to be including our own discord bot based on our character "Earth".

Our Bot


During the weekends we will host fun activities like development live streams, sharing game play and more!

Make sure you talk to them if you are in doubt or uncertain about anything, don't be shy we would love to help with whatever we can

She will chat with you to explain you all there is about discord and how to use it so you can start having fun.

PS: She is still learning so if you see anything unusual please let us know :)

You can also learn more cool things about discord on
"Why discord?"
So what are you waiting?
Join, choose your player and enjoy!

Join to get access to our alpha and beta releases and many more offers and goodies!

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