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The Team

We want to provide memorable experiences that make our players feel strong emotions while they learn with our games.

hover the names to see the  player style for each dev

More About Us

About us

Test Studios Games is an independent game development studio based in Rome, Italy and Panamá with a great interest in creating action educational games for everyone. 


After a couple game jams in Panama we decided to take this drive to create games to the next level. Since then, we have spent most of our available free time from our day jobs to polish our skills with a mission to create unique action educational games.

We are a team of like-minded unique individuals with a diversity of disciplines. Every day we are ready to put on the hard work and dedicate that extra time of our days in every project.

Together, we get better at what we do as a team and continue growing over time as a games studio. 

We believe in growing closer with the community to deliver the results our players are seeking and share those games with the world.

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